A free Kid’s Storybook – but which one will you choose!

A free Kid’s Storybook – but which one will you choose!

Encouraging kids to read is what Utter Fiction does best. The only question is, what free storybook are your children going to enjoy most?

Maybe a fully-personalised Kid’s Storybook that looks like it was made just for them?

We know that kids love reading books they can relate to – and there’s nothing more relatable than their own adventures in a book filled with their photographs. You might think a professionally designed, fully-personalised book is too much to ask … but that’s our gift to you.

Utter Fiction titles are posted on-line as complete books and just waiting for you to make your changes.

In just minutes you can replace any of our book’s images with your child’s photographs, add their name and a few details … and voila! A book that looks like it was written and designed just for your child.

Then again, if time is tight you can simply download a free copy of our generic book right now. You’ll be reading a beautiful e-book in just moments.

So, what book would your child love most?

1           Penny Wants a Hug.

A fun adventure story where the reader explores which zoo animal most wants a big, squeezy cuddle. Be careful … there’s a surprise twist at the end!
Download your Kid’s Storybook here.

What about something even better?

2        Penny Wants a Hug – personalised version.

It’s the same fabulous book as above but your child is the star of the action with their photos and details throughout.

Choose any photos of your child to put in our book – and if you have pics of them patting animals, all the better!
Create your personalised Kid’s Storybook here.

And here’s the kicker!

We’ll keep your e-book on our files for a while. If you ever want to order a printed version of your personalised Kid’s Storybook simply log back in, click ‘re-order my book’ and follow the prompts. It’s that easy!

You can also check out our video on how it works.


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