Terms and Conditions


Customer process with Utter Fiction

Customer registers current “real” email address online, to access all the books in Utter Fiction’s library.

Registered customers can then choose the title/s they want to personalise. Orders will be processed once the registration process is completed and remittance processed.

Customer completes the registration process by providing shipping/billing information & preferred methods of payment.  This information is purely to facilitate processing orders and will never be used by Utter Fiction or forwarded to third parties.

Printed books will be sent to the address provided via Australia Post, using protective twist-mailers.

Utter Fiction Partners:

A Content Provider (“Partner”) is any business or individual who creates or submits a book template to be posted on www.utterfiction.com

Each Partner grants Utter Fiction an irrevocable licence to reproduce, amend and distribute copies of any template provided, acknowledging that any template may be personalised by end-users.

Every Partner must sign an IP release, warranting that they have unfettered right, power and authority to permit those materials to be used in the creation of Utter Fiction books.

Every Partner is required to approve any book-templates prior to it being uploaded to utterfiction.com

All Partners must sign an IP release and indemnify Utter Fiction against any adverse third party claims relating to images & text provided by Partners.

End users:

Take full responsibility for creating & ordering customised books, payment for books & to accept their orders.

There is no obligation by UF to participate in the creation of any individual book.

Ordering books:

Books are to paid for at the time of ordering via any one of the e-commerce portals linked on the site.

Customers are responsible for the quality of the materials they provide. Utter Fiction cannot enhance or improve materials provided to it.

Orders are irrevocable once remittance is sent.

Returns Policy:

Books damaged in postage/during printing will be re-printed at no cost to the end-user.

Damaged books will need to be returned & examined by Utter Fiction staff or agents prior to re-prints being ordered.  Books damaged by end-users will not be replaced.

Utter Fiction Pty Ltd

Utter Fiction is a vehicle that presents fully self-contained books on-line (or via Apps) that can be personalised by end-users.

Utter Fiction accepts no responsibility for changes made to any book by end-users.

Utter Fiction is indemnified from all claims relating to images & text provided by Utter Fiction partners in the creation of their book ‘template.’

Utter Fiction will supply Partners with the following documents:

  1. 10 Steps: process by which book template will be created
  2. Contract: outlining the obligations of Utter Fiction & the Partner
  3. IP Release indemnifying Utter Fiction from claims by third parties
  4. Content: agreement for the page content within the Partner’s book
  5. Completion: acknowledgement the book is complete & will be posted on www.utterfiction.com for customising by end-users.