Help Centre

General Questions

1Are Utter Fiction Books actually templates?
Yes. Our titles are posted on-line as complete books and the extent to which they are personalised is entirely up to you. We make it easy to replace the images and text within our books.
2How many of my photos should I include?
That depends on you and the book you’ve chosen. You can change just a couple of photos or every image in the book.
3Is there a minimum resolution for the photos I upload?
Keep in mind that a sharp, high resolution pic will always print more clearly than a small fuzzy one.
4What about book quality?
You'll be thrilled with the quality of Utter Fiction books. Our printing & binding team have already won awards for their expertise & quality book production.
5What about a returns policy?
If your book was damaged during production or delivery, we’ll replace it free of charge.

Book Options

1Should I use the Crop and Save photo editor or the Advanced Editor?
Crop and Save is the easiest option – you simply drag out the crop-lines and hit the Crop and Save tab. The Advanced Editor also lets you crop your photo then gives you access to a whole range of intuitive photo-editing tools.
2Can we use professional photographs in our books?
Our Partners (theme parks, zoos, adventures etc) are all aware that an Utter Fiction book is a sensational vehicle to show how much you personally enjoyed their facility. They’re also aware that professional photos purchased on-site can give your book a terrific boost as they’re often the shots people find most spectacular. Whatever photographs you choose to use is up to you – as long as you have permission to use that image.
3Can I add more text to a page?
By filling out the Data Sheet, your details will be strategically inserted into the book’s text. You can tweak the text on any page wherever you see a text-icon. If you include additional text we suggest you pay particular attention to your print preview as it may affect the appearance of a page.
4Why is there sometimes a delay when I load or edit an image?
Your computer, your browser and our software have an amazing job to do in personalising your chosen book. If your internet connection is a little slow you’ll undoubtedly experience delays. Just be patient and everything will do what it is supposed to do.
5I may have ignored the suggestion to upgrade my browser when I started editing. Can I still make my book anyway?
Hmmmm, probably not! Remember, it’s free to upgrade your browser and will help prevent blood-pressure issues and spontaneous bouts of swearing.
6Why is A4 hard-cover the default size for Utter Fiction books?
Because they looks so good! There's every chance that your Utter Fiction book was designed by an internationally regarded Graphic Designer, composed by talented authors, printed and bound by expert artisans and still be filled with personal photographs of the people you love deserves to be preserved in a large format so you can show the world! We have also made smaller and cheaper versions of Utter Fiction books available.

Partner Questions

1How do I start creating a book for my facility?
Just call us – we’ve done it all before. We’ll help you identify what to include in your branding book and guide you through every stage of the process.
2Once we have our company’s book on how do I promote it to my clients?
Your establishment fee not only contributes towards creating your initial book, it also contributes to providing you with a range of marketing collateral to promote your facility’s branding book to your clientele. Some of the more popular choices include flyers, banners, flags, posters and even promotional tables.
3Can I have my company’s books on my own website?
We can create a white-labelled Utter Fiction website that uses your company colours and logo and the proprietary ‘smarts’ of the patented Utter Fiction software. Your clients access the white-labelled log-in page from a link on your existing website and exclusively see your company’s books.
4Who creates the books that we see on
We have corralled a team of authors, photographers, graphic artists, IT Gods, printers and contributors (sometimes, even psychologists) and combined their talents to create each on-line book.
5Does Utter Fiction own this technology?
Yes. Utter Fiction uses proprietary software to create variable-content photobooks & is protected by Patents.
6I have a great idea for a kid’s book. Will you publish it through Utter Fiction?
If we also think it’s great…sure! Contact us via the Authors and Illustrators tab and we’ll chat.